Welcome –

Hello and welcome to SocialPays where it pays to be social.

We are a social network with a difference. We give back to our members who help us grow. So whenever you log in, submit or comment on a post or even add a new friend you earn points. Points that can win you a huge cash prize every month. Click here for details on our monthly cash contest.


  • Register for an account – 10pts (one-time only)
  • Daily Visits – 1pt (per day)
  • Submit Regular Post – 1pt per post (up to 10pts per day)
  • Submit Image Post – 1pt per post (up to 10pts per day)
  • Add a Comment – 1pt per comment (up to 10pts per day)
  • New Friend – 1pt per friend (up to 10pts per day)

Quick Tip! You can share videos or images from most sources, so find a post that you like on one of your other social feeds and then just copy the link to that post here to share it. Try it out!

So, what do you do now?

You need to add stuff to your main stream. The first thing you should do is join some of our members hot groups to see the feeds. If you find a member you like then you can also add them as a friend to see all of their posts on your stream.

Take a look at our hot groups below to join and feel free to create your own. Click here to add members as friends:

Add your own posts or comment on posts to earn points to win a big monthly cash prize! Click Here for more!