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Our members earn points every time they post, re-post or view our hot pins which can earn them a huge prize at the end of the month!

Every month we award our 3 top points earners with a cool $100 in cash or a gift voucher (we will contact the winners for their preference).


How can you win?

To be in for a chance to win a great prize all you have to do is earn points and here's how you can do that... 

  • Daily Visit: 10pts per day
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  • Visits to your Post: 2pts per post (up to 50pts per day)

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 This Months Great Cause

By posting, re-posting and viewing our pins our members earn points and we convert every 1,000 points generated into $1 cash! At the end of each month we donate this amount to a needy cause.

This month we will be donating to TheChive Charities. For those who have lost their voice, Chive Charities provides a megaphone. For those who have lost independence, Chive Charities restores their freedom. For those who have lost all hope... Chive Charities works tirelessly to build them a better future.

Chive Charities is committed to championing the underdogs. Targeting three specific causes: rare medical diagnoses, first responders, and veterans, Chive Charities spreads awareness through sharing the personal stories of grit, courage, and never giving up.

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So what are you waiting for! Log in daily, view our latest pins and add your own. Promote your own sites using your pins and build up your points... plus the more you view the more we can donate to a great cause!